Welcome To FINIPS!

A Handy Portfolio Manager In Everyone’s Pocket.

Invest Like A Pro

Finips helps you to invest your money in various sectors after analysis in a professional way


Zero Commission. no hidden fees. Only a subscription fee will be charged for the service

Real time Execution

With the help of Robo Advisory technology, the executions will happen on real time basis


Live Market Analysis

24*7 Monitoring

Portfolios based on thorough market research

Notifications on the Go

Rebalancing & Restructuring

Analytical Tool

Who is it for?

You can be a beginner. You can be an intermediate. You can be an expert. Finips is for every kind of aspiring investor, who wants to invest based on the ability and irrespective of the investment size.

Investment, made Affordable.

Everyone want to invest, but not all can. Finips is making it possible by bringing accessibility, affordability, ease of execution in one platform.

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